Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Upcycling/Curbside find- Headboard and Wicker Desk

This is a post I’ve had sitting around for a while, I actually did this project last summer.

I found this adorable desk on the side of the road and thought…”Hey! With a little love that would be PERFECT for #2’s room!” So I picked it up.


 I also picked up this old wooden headboard that needed some help. I forgot to take the before pictures of this one. It had a monogram “M” I had to pop off which left an uneven area so I sanded it down to level bare wood there. It was off white with light blue trim, and had a bad issue of spots due to the fact that someone had painted over the original stain and it bled thru the paint.

So I sanded both these babies down using the lovely new sander I finally talked hubs into buying for me, and got to work priming and then painting. I primed every surface of each of these including the ones you’d never see. I did this to encapsulate any possible odors they could have absorbed from previous owners. I didn’t smell anything noticeable, but better safe than sorry right! I did 1 coat of primer on the desk, and I put 3 on the headboard; because of that nasty bleeding issue, I wanted to be sure to nip that in the bud so it didn't ruin all my hard work!

Then I put about 3 coats of paint on each. I used what I had on hand for this project which happened to some high gloss white paint.


I really should have added a coat or two of Poly to protect these, but I just couldn’t wait to get them into #2’s room. So after letting them off-gas in the garage for a week or so I put them in their new homes.

I still need to find her a cute little chair to go with the desk.


What do you think?? It's amazing what we can get done during nap time right!?


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