Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Preschool-Learning to write their own name-Plus a link to free printout


It’s crazy how fast kids grow up! I can’t believe #2 will be starting kindergarten next year! Lately I’ve been working to make sure she is on point with everything she needs to know. One of the items I’m working to help her perfect is writing her name. I was perusing Pinterest and I came across THIS great site where you can customize tracing sheets with your child’s name. You can even pick out a theme to print with your tracing lines to color in when they are done tracing their name. I’ve been printing them out for last few days, but I think in the spirit of being green and frugal, I may just laminate one with contact paper so she can re-use it over and over again with her dry-erase markers. I hope this helps your little one perfect writing their name too!


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